How Do You Glue Acrylic Plastic?

by acrylic on November 30, -0001

Gluing acrylic plastic is much different than what you would think.  When we are in school, or at home, we use a standard glue to bond two different objects together.  Like paper cutouts onto a larger sheet of paper. You may have done that in your arts and crafts class.  But, this is not the case for Acrylic Plastic.

We need to think of this as bonding two pieces of plastic together.  The acrylic plastic “glue” is actually a cement or solution that weakens the plastic, so that it can bond with each other.  You apply a very small amount on each piece, and then push them together.  This actions is commonly called “solvent welding.”

Here is a great video on the subject by TAP Plastics:

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